Extra Lives MOD APK v1.14 2022 (ALL Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

Begin survival adventure by downloading the latest android version of extra lives MOD APK 2022 featuring unlimited Money, Ammo, and Health.

For those people who love to play horrible survival games on their mobiles, Extra Lives Mod APK is the best game to indulge in. Adventure games are one of the most popular android games in recent years. However, these games require players that that have ability to suddenly react according to the situation. Similarly, extra lives is a game where your mind alertness plays a epic role in deciding your destiny as the world here is filled with uninvited zombie guests.

MODAPKAndroid have brought a thrilling zombie game for all android lovers. In this blog, we will discuss the gameplay of Extra Lives Mod APK and all its innovative features. Likewise, all zombie games, here, the world is filled with tough challenges and daily task. However, if you are beginner, you may find it difficult to survive the terrible and desolate nights, but you don’t need to worry because our Modded APK comes with unlimited money, ammo, and health to make you a pro zombie killer. Scroll down to get more information of game.

NameExtra Lives MOD APK
Updated 1 Day ago
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Latest version 1.14
Size52 MB
MODUnlimited Money
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • Unlimited Money
  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Ammo

The story of extra lives APK is quite breath-taking that will make you enjoy till the last level of the game. You are the main character of the game. Besides, you are living in a city where majority of people are infected with dangerous diseases and turned into zombies. In other words, you are living in a city where you are not sure that you will live the next day or not.

Coupled with in-app health and ammo tools you can save your life! Be ready along with your gun! Shoot perfectly on the right target! Be alert because zombies are everywhere or maybe behind you.

Extra lives is an online android survival plus adventure game published by MDickie in 2017 and with its thrilling gameplay and stunning graphics, the game has become one of the most demanded zombie game. Extra lives Mod APK is the modified version of game, enhancing the game attributes and features. Moreover, feel free to use and enjoy all in-app features significantly.

Basically, you need to fight with zombies and discover places that are free from zombies. The game features combat style gameplay resembling to wrestling, providing a unique zombie adventure. It is not easy to fight and save yourself from zombies and infected people. Because the power of zombies is increasing rapidly. Despite this, make yourself strong and make ingenious strategies to survive as long as possible. Stay away from the infected people and fight for your survival.

Like Stormfall: Saga of Survival Mod APK, the controls of the game are also intuitive and responsive. On screen, you can easily see the displayed buttons which are used to control in-game elements. Red button is used to attack the enemy, while the blue button is used to pick up the things from ground. By pressing both the buttons together, the player will hit the enemy with object you are holding. This will lower the damage of opponent quickly.

Additionally, it is a free-to-download game application. You can play it easily anytime whenever you want to play it.

Below are some of the splendid features of extra lives APK that will make you love this game.

Unlimited Health and AMMO

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Health

Moreover, you have to fight with strong combatants and dangerous zombies. There are many in-app weapons including robust guns that you can use during the war. Feel free to discover the unknown and interesting places of the horror city.

Besides all of this, Extra Lives Mod APK (all unlocked) gives you unlimited health that will save you from zombie infection. To increase your life, you can use the ammo features. In addition to unlimited health, the Extra Lives hack gives you Unlimited money so you can purchase unlimited ammo as well.

Simple and Free to Play

Simple Game
Simple Game

More importantly, Extra Lives Mod APK is a free-cost application that you can get easily. Now, you don’t need to pay a huge amount to enjoy premium items. It is an modded game with all features unlocked. You just need to save yourself and kill zombies and infected people for your survival.

Customize Your Character Easily

Customize Players
Customize Players

At the same time, feel free to customize your character and make the game more exciting. With the aid of customization information, you can makeover your in-game character. Change your costumes and customize the main character according to your desire.

Enjoy Different Warring Factions and Rewards

Get Rewards
Get Rewards

More importantly, you can use 8 warring factions in-app features to kill the zombies on different levels. These warring functions have different characteristics and weapons to fight with zombies. You can use these warriors along with their strong weapons to survive in the disastrous world of zombies.

Besides that, you can get rewards and gifts after the completion of complex and simple levels! Complete game quests and get the money as a reward. Furthermore, Extra lives hack APK allow you to play with 200 characters. You can make your game more exciting and thrilling by playing with powerful characters.

Also, there are three modes of Extra Lives that you will make you hooked to this game.

  • Survival: This is a main mode of game, where you will advance through levels encountering tons of wicked and powerful dead souls. Make your tactics and strategies to kill zombies and save the world from apocalypse.
  • Deathmatch: For those who love to play multiplayer modes, deathmatch is the one to choose. Here, the game allows you to team up with your friends or fellows to take up the enemies together. Begin your journey together and survive the terrible nights helping each other.
  • Editor: This mode is most entertaining and amusing as it allows you to customize your game preferences. You can add elements you like and remove the ones you hate to make a wonderful game. Try to change the elements again and again to come up with the best mini game.

Below are some steps to download and install the extra lives MOD APK file on your android device.

  • Click the link given below to start the download.
  • Then go to the security settings of your device and enable the option of unknown sources. 
unknown sources enable
unknown sources enable
  • Next, click the install button to install your game further 
click on install button
Click on Install Button

Below you can find answers to most repeatedly asked questions.

Does Extra Lives Hack APK need a rooted device?

Not at all, you does not require to root your device to play hack game. Extra lives Mod APK will work on any android device.

Is Extra Lives Mod APK a safe app to download?

Yes, it is a safe application to use. It is free from malware and viruses. So, download it without any risk.

Can you repeat the missions in Extra Lives zombie survival sim?

If you play the main mode of this game, you are not allowed to repeat the missions.

Personal Experience (Review)

Personal Experience (Review)
Personal Experience (Review)

At start, I used to find this game quite annoying and boring, but as I played it for sometime, I have become addicted to it. I love slashing zombies with guns. The modes are amazing also. However, the game lags sometimes which should be fixed at earliest convenience.

Extra Lives Mod APK is the best adventure sandbox game. With its stunning graphics and excellent gameplay, you will enjoy it for many hours. Download the Extra Lives Hack latest Version 2022 to enhance your fun. Additionally, the game has many innovative and engaging features to explore.

Note: I hope you will not face any trouble while installing the game. However, if any problem occurs, you can contact us. We will be happy to solve the problem.

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