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Now you can freely download Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 3 APK + OBB full latest version for Android, IOS, and PC to immerse in action gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular gaming series present in the gaming industry. Due to its immense popularity, remarkable plot, and unrivaled simulations, it has been divided into five different installments, each possessing its own features. In 2001 GTA 3 APK was launched in the market featuring an intricate storyline with outstanding graphics.

The mobile version of the game can be downloaded from Google PlayStore after paying the installation fee. In this article, we present to you the free version of GTA 3 APK based in Liberty City with its prominent features, plot, gameplay, downloading requirements, and method of installation.

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GTA 3 APK Free

Grand Theft Auto GTA 3 APK All Information

NameGrand Theft Auto GTA 3 APK
Updated 2 Day ago
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Latest version 1.8
Size12 MB
DeveloperRockstar Games
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • No Mod Features.

GTA 3 APK is a crime/action game developed by the Rockstar Games. This version is the successor to the previous GTA Vice City APK and GTA San Andreas APK version and offers a whole new world of mystery, adventure, and suspense to all GTA fans. The game was launched initially in 2001 and presented a fictional underworld of Liberty City. Later on, in order to celebrate the 10 anniversary of Grand Theft Auto, a mobile version was also released in 2011.

The area is controlled by the ruthless mafia and is prone to bribery, corruption, assassinations, gang fights, and other social evils. Furthermore, the game is also incorporated with updated attributes that include bug fixes, diverse landscapes, changing weather, and advanced weapons that are admired by a wide variety of players.

The game was originally designed for desktop computers; however, after its increased demand, it has also been adapted into a mobile version that can be downloaded from Google Playstore. The free version of the game can be accessed by pressing the download button included below.


As mentioned earlier, the GTA 3 APK takes place in Liberty City, which is famous for its dark side. Controlled by mafia groups, Liberty city is the region where assassins run wild, and gang fights are a common occurrence. Furthermore, the influential figures of the region have fallen prey to bribery and corruption.

The main protagonist of the story, Claude, is a silent criminal who was betrayed by his girlfriend during a bank robbery. Now, he works for various factions in the city to earn money and improve his skills. To achieve his goal, Claude is willing to pay any price and kill anyone without any remorse. Similarly, he is good at escaping and has never been caught by the police.

The task of the players is to help Claude survive in the city where they are stuck between the gangsters and police. They can get killed anytime if they do anything against the criminal’s interest. Furthermore, they should also avoid getting arrested by the cops after committing a crime. The only method to survive is to locate the safe spots in the city with the help of an in-game map.

Highly advanced weapons can also be accessed depending on the skill level and rewards earned by the player. The majority of the players also rely on their fighting skills to save themselves from the enemy. Fighting and killing are fine as long as they can escape the police; otherwise, they might end up in jail without completing any mission.

There are a lot of mini-missions in the game that make it interesting and enable you to improve your health points and proceed from one level to another. Another prominent aspect of the GTA 3 APK is the voice-over that has been performed by effective voice-over artists. You can feel that developers have put in additional effort and money in this version of GTA. This, coupled with the aesthetic visuals, and extraordinary soundtrack, grabs the player’s attention immediately and takes them into another fictional world.

The plot is also exceptional and contains quality content that does not let you get bored even after paying regularly. In addition to this, the wide landscape provides freedom of exploration, unlike its predecessors, which were associated with limited access to various regions and vehicles. Most players report that the story feels like a comic book with dynamic cultures and unexpected twists.

Similarly, it is highly appreciated for its game design, intertwined plot, improved graphics, explosive effects, advanced weapons, and updated characters. The majority of the players also admire the arc where Claude escapes from the police along with another prisoner on the Callahan Bridge. The story also sets the basis for the next installment of GTA entitled GTA Liberty City Stories APK, focusing on the life of Toni Cipriani.

GTA 3 APK Free Download

Following are some of the salient features of GTA 3 APK;

  • Engaging Plot focusing on Liberty City
  • Increased action sequences
  • Interesting yet challenging missions
  • Updated characters and weapons
  • Improved graphics and effects
  • Wide landscape featuring Poland and Staunton island besides Liberty City.
  • Outstanding soundtrack and voice-over.

GTA 3 APK is one of the most critically acclaimed games in the gaming industry and has been praised time and again for its unique features, dynamic gameplay, remarkable game design, and unlimited player freedom. The game scored 97/100 on Metacritic and became the highest-rated PlayStation game on the Metacritic website.

IGN, another famous critic website, praised the game for its massive scale operation and challenging mission, thereby giving it a 9.6/10 score on the website. Apart from this, Eurogame claims it as one of the best games ever, giving it a perfect 10 score on their website. The game was also highly praised for its entertaining characters, interesting plot twists, and arcs. Due to its immense popularity, the Rockstar Games also launched the mobile version of the game that can be accessed on Android phones.


The below-mentioned should be installed on the mobile before downloading the APK version on the device. This will help in unpacking the PAK files and will enable the game to perform efficiently without any buffering. We highly recommend checking whether your device is compatible with the latest version of the game to avoid unwanted issues during the downloading process.

  • Android version 4.0 or higher since lesser versions are not compatible with the game.
  • GTA 3 APK file
  • GTA 3 OBB file for unpacking and installing the archive APK file
  • 2GB RAM for installing the game. You might have to clear a few files if you lack enough storage.

Note: You can check GTA 3 PC full game requirements from steam website.

After you have satisfied all the downloading requirements, now it is time to download the APK file. Although it is not very difficult to download the APK file, the majority of the players face difficulty while unpacking it. We have integrated a step-by-step procedure to download and install the APK file on an android device for your convenience.

Step 1: Download the APK File

Use the APK download button from our website to download the free version of GTA 3 APK. After clicking the button, a pop-up tab will appear inquiring about the directory where you want to store the downloaded file. You can choose the desired directory and click save. By default, all the downloaded files are stored in the “downloads” folder.

Step 2: Enabling the Third-Party Apps

Most users face errors while downloading the APK file for the first time on their android device. This is because third-party apps are mostly disabled on mobile phones to safeguard the device against unknown sources. You can enable these apps by entering the settings tab. Scroll down in the settings tab and open the security option.

Click on unknown sources and enable them. This will resolve the issue. If you are using the Android 8.0 Oreo version, you might have to allow the file manager to initiate the download. We recommend downloading APK sites from trusted sources for enhanced protection against malware and potential hackers.

Step 3: Install the APK file

Once the download has been completed successfully, click the install option. This will begin the installation process. Afterward, download the OBB data file before opening the APK file. The OBB data file should be extracted into the game folder for best results. You can not unpack the APK file without OBB and thus, can not play the game.

Step 4: Extracting the OBB file

Extracting an OBB file is highly important as it will allow you to access the contents of the game and play it without any difficulty. To extract the contents of the OBB file, go to the downloads folder. Here locate the OBB file and extract it into the OBB game folder, and you are good to go. Be careful while downloading the OBB file. The use of untrusted sources might lead to potential hacking or malware risks. Here we offer a perfect platform to download the APK file with enhanced safety and security.

for android

You can download cheats from various online websites. Just click the download button and begin the installation process. Once the download is complete, open the file and select the desired cheat, and you are good to go. There are a lot of cheats available for this version of GTA 3 APK. We recommend reading carefully about all the cheat codes and their benefits before proceeding for the best results.

Grand Theft Auto 3 was originally released in October 2001 for PC and PlayStation users. However, after the success of the game and its wide recognition, developers also released a 10th-anniversary edition in 2011 (10 years after its original release) to provide a gaming platform for android users. Both versions were well-acclaimed throughout the world for their unique features and unrivaled gameplay.

No, the game is based on the crime-action genre and contains continuous episodes of violence and fights. Thus, we do not recommend a ten-year-old to play this game. Although the majority of the players neglect these factors and do not consider them a major threat. However, developers still assert that it may incite violent behaviors in young children with fragile mindsets.

No, Claude does not speak in any installment of the Grand Auto Theft. Throughout the game, he does not utter a single word. He has often been termed as a mute by various other characters in the game. The most notable example of which includes CJ in SanAndreas, who calls him mute since he does not say anything throughout the journey.

In order to convert the language to English in GTA 3, you need to download the Bluestacks on your device. This will help in the translation of important instructions in the English language. Most players face difficulty while playing due to a lack of understanding of other languages, and in this case, Bluestacks can act as a savior. Just download the application, launch it on your device, and you are good to go.

download for pc

GTA 3 APK is the free version of Grand Theft Auto 3, which is one of the most popular games in the industry. The game is famous for its thoughtful storyline, game design, advanced weapons, updated characters, and explosive effects. Similarly, it is perfect for those that prefer action /adventure genres and are fond of fighting scenes. Additionally, the wide landscape and updated maps offer freedom of exploration and make it different from its predecessors.

The game was well-received by audiences, players, and critics and scored an average of above 9/10 score on various websites. It is also acclaimed as one of the best games ever by the Eurogame and does not disappoint its loyal fans even after 2 decades of its release. Players can access the Android version of the game by clicking the download button included above. You can also follow the installation guide included in the article for time efficiency and best results.

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