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Freely download the latest version of Grand Theft Auto (iv) / GTA 4 APK + OBB for Android, IOS, and PC to experience the thrilling action.

GTA is back with a bang. With its new GTA 4 APK version, you can now control the plotline and modify it by making certain decisions. The decisions made by the players directly impact the fate of other characters and scenarios. Thereby maintaining the uncertainty of the storyline and keeping you engaged throughout the game. Apart from this, other significant features include inverse kinematics, boot screen, impressive combat system, realistic effects, and improved graphics.

However, the developers have only launched the Windows and PlayStation versions of the game, and you might not find it on Google PlayStore for Android devices. We are here to help you experience the game on a smartphone screen by providing you with the latest Android version of GTA 4 APK. Just click the download button included in the article and access the unlimited weapons and vehicles without any inconvenience.

GTA 4 APK Free

GTA 4 APK Android All Required Information

Updated 1 Day ago
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Latest version 1.0
Size1 GB
DeveloperRockstar Games
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • No Mod Features Included

GTA 4 APK is the successor to GTA 3 APK, developed by Rockstar Games. The game is centered around the United States of America, focusing on the life of Niko Bellic. Niko is a non-American protagonist that despises the country for its greedy and hypocritical nature. Although righteous, the character belongs to the underworld of Liberty City, where crime is prevalent.

The players witness the City through the lens of Niko, who deep-down wishes to leave this depressing lifestyle for something better. However, he is aware of the fact that this is impossible. Throughout the game, the players will witness the importance of decision-making and how the decisions impact the fate of all the characters in the game. This is the first GTA game that allows the characters to change the plot by making certain choices.


GTA 4 is different from its predecessors and focuses on a Non-American Protagonist that reaches the United States of America and meets other characters in the process. However, our leading character Niko Bellic is not very fond of the US and often criticizes the country for its capitalist approach and hypocritical nature.

Moreover, his views are often left to the viewer’s interpretation and act as a hook to engage the players easily. Niko has a philosophy that often contradicts the American culture and lifestyle and is the major reason for his dislike towards the region. He often terms the country as greedy and quotes that “Capitalism is a dirty business.”

His views are supported by Mikhail Faustin, his companion in the game and a wealthy American. Before his death, Faustin admits that the US has made him greedy, which is fatal. In contrast, the rest of the characters are pretty optimistic towards the country and often encourage Niko to try new things in an effort to change his views about the region.

Moreover, the social circles in the game are not restricted to character’s nationalities and display a wider open-minded perspective. This version of GTA has an extremely complex plot with interesting character arcs and interactions. It also has a lot of characters which makes it interesting and worth playing. Similarly, what makes it best among its competitors and predecessors is the ability of the characters to change the plot by making certain choices.

The choices of the characters directly impact the whole story and lead to various plot-changing consequences. This freedom of expression and exploration maintains an uncertain atmosphere throughout the game and grabs the attention of players efficiently. Throughout the game, Niko is haunted by his past and struggles to get rid of bad memories.

He pictures life as baggage of sufferings that one must bear till death. In the game, Niko also meets some random characters and makes some life-changing decisions. However, towards the end of the game, players realize that Niko is depressed about his life and sincerely wishes to leave the criminal lifestyle if he can. But the finale also stresses the fact that he actually can not leave this criminal world, leaving him even more stressed.

We observed that the game graphics are improved as compared to previous versions and offer smooth movements. The effects are also realistic and are visually appealing. Additionally, the wide landscape focusing on Liberty City and nearby areas provide more room for exploration. Thereby reducing the chances of getting bored.

The intricate plot with the detailed environment and thoughtful game design is the major reason for the popularity of GTA 4 APK and attracts a wide range of players. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of characters in the game, thus, allowing better interaction between players. This, coupled with the backstories of the characters (revealed slowly in the plot help), maintains the player’s interest in the game and contributes a lot to its success. Additionally, you can also play GTA 5 APK after completing all missions of this game.

Download GTA 4 APK

Following are some of the prominent features of the GTA 4 APK;

  • Flexible and smooth movements
  • Realistic effects and improved graphics
  • Procedural animation “Euphoria.”
  • Impressive combat system
  • Interesting background stories
  • Intricate storyline
  • Wide landscape and detailed maps
  • Boot screen
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Ability to change the plot

You might be unable to find GTA 4 on Android mobile phones; this is because the Rockstar games haven’t officially launched this game for Android Operating Systems. However, you can download the APK 2022 version of the game, which is highly compatible with Android devices and allows you to enjoy a remarkable gaming experience. For downloading the GTA 4 APK file, click the download button located below.

Along with the APK file, you will also need an OBB file which is the basic requirement for unpacking the PAK file. You will not be able to access the game in the absence of the OBB file. Apart from this, our website offers the latest version of the game; thus, you will not find any installation issues. For learning more about the installation process and downloading requirements, keep reading the article below.

android mobile

Since you are going to play the Windows version of the game on your Android device with the help of an APK file, you need to fulfill a few requirements for the best results. But before you begin, make sure that you have located the latest version of the GTA 4 APK. Downloading the older version might lead to unwanted errors or performance issues in the long term.

  • Android version 4.0 or above as lower versions are not compatible with the game. Incompatibility might lead to installation errors or performance inefficiency.
  • The latest version of GTA 4 APK
  • OBB file for unpacking the archived APK file. This is a must as it contains all the gaming data, and you will not be able to play the game in the absence of an OBB file.
  • Sufficient storage on your device. You might have to clear up some files if you lack enough space.

The installation of GTA is not a difficult process, provided that you have met all the requirements mentioned above. The only problem faced by the players occurs during the APK file unpacking because of the lack of understanding about the method of unpacking and use of OBB. Thus, we have included a step-by-step method of installing the GTA 4 APK along with OBB.

Click the download button to download the latest version of the game. If you are downloading the file on your desktop computer, make sure to transfer it to the android device before opening it. Moreover, you can choose the desired directory for the newly downloaded file. By default, the downloaded files are stored in the “downloads” folder.

Enable the Third-Party Apps

You might find difficulty in downloading the file or might face installation errors because of the Third-party applications. By default, third-party apps (applications from unknown sources) are disabled in the android operating system, and you might have to enable it to resolve the issue manually. For enabling these applications, go to the settings tab and locate the security option. Scroll down to unknown sources and enable it.

You will be asked whether you want to allow thirty-party applications on your smartphone. Click Yes, and you are good to go. We advise downloading content from trusted sources. Downloading files from websites that are not secure can lead to potential security risks such as malware invasion and hacking. But enhanced security is provided against such threats and to offer a secure environment for downloading.

Locate the Downloaded File

The next step involves locating the downloaded APK file on your device. You can find it in the directory you selected while downloading it. If not, you can find the file in the “downloads” folder, where you stored it by default. Once located, click install, and it will initiate the installation of the game. You might see a lot of prompt notifications during the installation phase. Read the notification carefully and select the suitable option accordingly. Do not neglect the notifications as they might hinder the installation progress.

Extracting the OBB Data

After you have successfully installed the game, it is time to download the OBB file. We strongly advise against opening the APK file before extracting the OBB data. To extract the data from the OBB file, go to the download folder and locate the OBB Zip file. Right-click and select the extract option. Follow the following route to paste the data in the correct folder successfully. Otherwise, the game will not play. (Android >> Data >> OBB >> com.rockstargames.gtaiv)

Launching the Game

After all the above-mentioned steps have been completed successfully, it is time to launch the game. Open the game and run it. It might ask your permission before running it; click yes. Now, you can play the game without any problem on your android device. However, be careful to download the file from trusted sources for additional security against potential malware and hackers.

for pc and ios

The original developers of the game have not created an android version of the game. Thus, you can not find it on the Google Playstore or on the official website of the Rockstar Games. However, in order to facilitate the Android users, various unofficial developers have produced an APK version of the game. You can download the latest version of GTA 4 APK by clicking on the download button located above.

According to the official statistics and information provided by the Rockstar Games, the GTA 4 complete edition takes up 22 GB of space on your device in the downloading phase. The size of the game might increase after installation. Thus, you should check your device storage before downloading the game. We suggest clearing up some files if you are short on storage space for best results.

Load failure often occurs due to problems with the hard drive. However, there might be other reasons for this problem as well; in order to resolve the issue, press the Windows key along with the R to run the AppData. Follow the following route Appdata>local>Rockstar games>GTA iv> and click the savegames option. Afterward, drag everything to the documents folder and paste it into the appropriate folder.

system requirements

GTA 4 APK is the free android version of the famous GTA 4 developed by the Rockstar Games. The game is popular for its interesting plot, complex characters, background stories, dynamic gameplay, and extraordinary game design. It is also the first GTA installment that allows the modification of the plot by the character’s decisions.

This, coupled with the realistic effects, flexible movements, and impressive voice-over, contributes to the success of the game to a great extent and makes it the best among its competitors. We highly recommend trying this out if you are a fan of crime-based action/adventure series with interesting plot twists and mind-blowing graphics. We assure you would not feel disappointed at our suggestion.

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