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Get ready to experience fierce action by downloading the latest version IOS and Android Version of GTA Chinatown Wars APK Data full game.

Thrilling plot, extraordinary effects, hard-fought resources, and nerve-wracking challenges are some of the prominent features of the GTA Chinatown Wars APK. Developed by the Rockstar Games, this version of the famous Grand Theft Auto game focuses on retrieving the stolen heirloom of the Juan family.

The youngest member of the family Huang Li goes through those hardships, near-death experiences, and unexpected betrayals to complete the task assigned by his late father and return his family to the glory it deserves. The game is available on both Google PlayStore and App Store and can be downloaded after paying the installation fee. However, you can also access the free version of GTA Chinatown Wars APK by clicking on the download button.

Download GTA Chinatown Wars APK

GTA Chinatown Wars APK Additional Info.

NameGTA Chinatown Wars
Updated 1 Day ago
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Latest version 1.4
Size18 MB
DeveloperRockstar Games
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • No Mod Features Included

What Is GTA Chinatown Wars APK?

After GTA 4 Apk and GTA 3 Apk, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars APK is another exciting version of GTA games developed by the Rockstar Games and offers another rollercoaster ride of emotions and adventure. This action-packed game revolves around family inheritance and efforts to bring it back to its original glory.

The center character Huang Li is tasked with the mission of finding the robbed sword, which must be passed to the oldest family member in order to maintain control over the triad. We highly recommend trying it out if you are a fan of the detective/action genre and enjoy playing games that offer a perfect blend of both.

The story is set in the Chinatown of Liberty City, California, where our lead protagonist Huang Li resides with his family. The Huang family, also known as the family of Juan, is one of the most influential and powerful families in the region and possesses complete control over the Triad. As the favored son of the Juan family, Huang Li has had a smooth and comfortable life till now.

However, a few unexpected turns await him as he grows up. The plot begins with the death of Huang Li’s father, which leaves him heartbroken. However, before he could overcome his grief, he is assigned with an important mission of passing the family’s heirloom, a sword, to the oldest living member of the family.

Furthermore, he is informed that the task should be completed as early as possible since the sword is precious and might get robbed by the enemies and others who are wary of Juan’s power. The loss of a sword or delay in its transfer to the rightful owner can sabotage the entire family and can result in the loss of all wealth.

To Huang’s surprise, the sword actually gets robbed the night before it is transferred to Uncle Kenny, who is the oldest surviving member. Now, the protagonist of the story has to find the sword before the enemy succeeds in taking over the triad. In the process, he will encounter riches, near-death experiences, betrayals and will face the cruel reality of life.

Although the path is difficult and dangerous, Huang is confident in restoring his family’s glory with your help. So, let us embark on the exciting journey of unraveling some of the most mysterious events and facts behind the sword robbery in the morally corrupt Chinatown. The game was initially built for portable devices. But, it can now also be downloaded on Android devices for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Free Download 2022

Salient features available in this version of GTA Chinatown Wars APK include;

  • The nail-biting storyline with engaging missions and challenging tasks.
  • Improved screen resolution and graphic user interface.
  • Updated touch screen controls.
  • Customizable features and scenarios.
  • Extraordinary lighting and effects for an unrivaled gaming experience.
  • Interesting mini-games and hidden awards.
  • Increased compatibility with a diverse range of USB and android devices.
  • Multi-lingual support including German, French, Japanese. English, Spanish, and Italian.

These are some of the latest additions to the GTA Chinatown wars APK that make it different from its predecessors;

  • Reduction in distortion and buffering.
  • Bugs fixes and improved graphics.
  • Ease of use
  • Updated screen controls
for android and ios

Following conditions should be met before installing the game on your android smartphone or desktop computer;

  • The device must contain the latest version of APK.
  • Identification of the compatible version of the game with your device.
  • Android 4.0 version or greater as the lower versions are incompatible with the game.
  • A stable internet connection for downloading the file
  • OBB: this is required to unpack the archive folder in apk.
  • The game is available in the English version by default. Remember to download BlueStacks for the game. This will help in the translation of instructions and other tasks in your native language so that you can better understand them. Similarly, the preferred language can be selected with the help of keyboard keys.

The Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars APK is 18 MB while downloading. However, the original size of the game is 0.92 GB after the download is complete. It is neither extremely heavy nor too light and is perfect for a lot of players. If you are short on storage, you might have to clear up some files to download this game.

2022 latest version

GTA Chinatown Wars is not available in the free version on Google PlayStore or AppStore, and thus, you will have to pay for it before downloading. However, the majority of the players might find it unaffordable for themselves. To help you with this issue, we have included the free version of the game in the article for your convenience.

To download the GTA Chinatown Wars APK click the download button and enjoy the unlimited action showdown while sitting on your couch. We have also observed that although players can easily download the apk file, they face difficulties with launching and unpacking it. For this purpose, here is the method of installation. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to get the task done.

Step 1: Download the Game on Your Device

Click on the download button included in the article to start the download. Since the game is designed for android devices, you can download it on your desktop and then transfer it to the android device. When you click the download button, a popup tab will appear asking for the directory where you want to save the file. You can choose the directory depending on your preference. The default directory of the files is the “downloads” folder.

Step 2: Allow Third-Party Apps

Another important factor that should not be neglected is the third-party apps. Make sure that third-party apps are enabled on your device before you start the installation procedure. To enable the third-party apps, firstly, select the menu and enter the settings tab.

Scroll down and select the security option. Locate the unknown sources and allow the device to install applications from other sources apart from the play store. Similarly, if you are using the Android 8.0 Oreo version, you can allow your file manager or browser to install APKs from unknown sources.

Step 3: Locate the Game in the File Manager

This step involves the identification of the exact position of the GTA game on your device. As mentioned earlier, you can choose the preferred directory of the downloaded file in the first step. If not, the files can be found in the downloads folders. Once you have located the file, click it and select the install option. A confirmation tab will appear; click yes. Now, the installation will begin. Wait for the installation to complete, and you are good to go.

GTA Chinatown Wars APK offers remarkable graphics and explosive effects that got me engaged in the game rapidly. I prefer action-adventure games with a tinge of mystery, and this chapter of GTA is definitely my cup of tea. In addition to this, the diverse landscape with the backdrop of liberty city, the players are allowed to explore the whole state of California during the sword hunt. Apart from all this, the story is engaging and hooks one rapidly.

Players are forced to rack their brains and join various links together to complete the missions and upgrade the weapons and other significant components included in the story. I assure you would not feel bored while playing this game due to its outstanding content and vast landscape, which enables you to roam around while trying new things.

Another prominent and most popular twist is the arrest of the main character by the police, where players are given a few opportunities to save themselves from the arrest by either killing the truck driver or jumping off the truck. You can also choose to let yourself get arrested by the police if you want to try something different. However, based on my observation, the majority of the players choose to jump off the truck or kill the truck driver.

Additionally, the game is culturally rich and allows you to experience diverse cultures ranging from Asian festivals and architecture to the American lifestyle and much more. The latest version is also available in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, French, and German, etc.

This has overcome the limitation of its predecessors that were only centered around Chinese and English language users and thus, made it difficult for the users of other regions to comprehend the instructions. In the latest game, you can switch between different language modes with the help of keyboard keys and alphabet combinations. The languages can be selected while setting up the game character and other components.

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Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

The Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is set in the year 2009 in the Liberty City of the State of California. The story focuses on the main character Huang Li who has to find he robbed the heirloom of his family to secure their position in the region and prevent the loss of inheritance after the death of his father, who was the patriarch of the Juan family.

There are 10 different gangs included in the GTA Chinatown Wars, namely Triads (belonging to the protagonist Huang Li), Midtown gangsters, African Americans, the lost MC, Russian mafia, angels of death MC, the mafia, Spanish lords, Irish Americans, Jamaicans. The players often engage in deadly fights with these gangs during their quest to find the stolen sword.

The Chinatown Wars Fortune cookie is the Facebook application designed specifically for the promotion of the game. The players and other subscribers were allowed to create their own sayings and quotes on the page. The developers also allowed the inclusion of ironic sayings termed fortune cookies. There are around 50 fortune cookies in the English language on the app. Later on, this Facebook page was deactivated by the admins after a year.

The Chinatown Wars Lite was the free version of the Chinatown Wars for iPhone/iPad users. The version allowed the players to complete the first three missions free of cost for a limited time before it was removed from the Appstore. Now, only the paid version is available to both android and iOS users. The Lite versions also offered access to other important features such as various cars and amps to the state of California.

Free Premium Game

Wrapping Up

GTA Chinatown Wars APK is yet another exciting game developed by the Rockstar Games and takes you on a mysterious adventure of recovering the stolen heirloom of the Juan Family residing in Liberty City, California. Through the lens of Huang Li, you get to experience brutal killings, unexpected betrayals, and deadly fights in the journey of unraveling the truth.

Furthermore, the remarkable graphics, interesting mini-games, nail-biting suspense, and challenges offered by the developers keep you hooked to the plot and are admired by the majority of the consumers. We highly recommend trying this version of GTA Chinatown Wars if you prefer investigative plots with a crime backdrop.

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