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Freely Download GTA liberty City Stories APK + OBB Data 2022 latest version full game for Android, IOS and experience amazing mobile action.

Rockstar Games is back with another exciting version of Grand Theft Auto featuring an intriguing storyline, real-time effects, improved graphics, updated characters, unlimited access to resources, and dynamic gameplay. The GTA Liberty City Stories APK is the free version of the game that can be downloaded by pressing the download game button below.

The non-APK version can be downloaded from the Google Playstore; however, it requires an installation fee. Thus, we are here to help you download the free version with utmost ease. This article offers a detailed insight into the GTA Liberty City Stories APK along with its significant features and the method to download it on any android device. So, keep reading for more information regarding the game.

Gta Libert City Stories Download

GTA Chinatown Wars APK 2022 Android Premium Game

NameGTA Chinatown Wars
Updated 3 Day ago
Compatible with 4.0 and up
Latest version 2.4
Size51 MB
DeveloperRockstar Games
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • No Mod Features Included

All You Need to Know About GTA Liberty City Stories APK

GTA Liberty City Stories APK is another engaging game after GTA chinatown Wars APK developed by the Rockstar gamers and focuses on the story of Tony Cipriani, who flees Liberty city after killing an influential figure in the mafia. The game is incorporated with mini-challenges, improved graphics, and a well-developed plot that attracts the player’s attention immediately. Furthermore, this mobile game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and features rebalanced touch controls that provide a remarkable gaming experience.

The story revolves around Tony Cipriani, a wise right-hand man of the Leone family. The Leone family has resided in Liberty City for a long time and possesses wide control over the underworld. However, Tony has to flee for his life after he kills an influential mafia figure and is chased by cops as well as the members of the victim’s gang.

After running from one place to another spending a few years in hiding, he decides to return to the Leone family and gain control over the powerful gangs to save himself from this miserable situation. Unfortunately, things do not turn out the way he had imagined, and he has to face various setbacks before successfully taking over a powerful position. He observes that Liberty City isn’t how it used to be anymore and is now ruled by warring families that fight with each other for control.

Moreover, crimes like political corruption, bribery, assassins, target killings, and robberies are common occurrences. Tony has decided to change the region for the better, and he must try his best to bring the city under the control of the Leone family in order to protect himself and the citizens. The path is not easy, and his own mother is the major obstacle that he must overcome in order to complete the mission.

gta liberty city stories apk obb download

This version of GTA Liberty City Stories APK is different from its predecessors and offers the players freedom to explore the city and customize various features. Furthermore, you have access to a wide variety of weapons and vehicles without any restriction. The players do not need any specific skill in order to survive in the game; instead, they can rely on the vehicles to protect themselves in dire situations.

The vehicles are durable in nature and do not get damaged easily. Hence, they offer protection against shooting and other attacks to the player and help in escaping from the scene. In addition to this, the players can choose from a variety of helicopters whenever required depending on the type of mode they are playing in. There are two modes/interfaces in the game, including a driving interface and an ordinary interface.

The former is characterized by the use of vehicles (cars, ships, motorcycles, aircraft, etc.) without any difficulty and can easily drive them. In contrast, the latter interface restricts the use of vehicles, and players have to rely on themselves to complete the mission. Apart from this, the combat system is prevalent among a wide variety of GTA players. It is a mission that allows you to choose between various fighting scenarios.

Either you can complete the task along with fighting the enemies, or you can choose to skip the task and only focus on the action scene. The result of the fight is determined with the help of health points. All characters in the game have similar health points, which can increase and decrease as you progress in the game. Damaging or killing the enemy can decrease his health points to a great extent.

During the combat mission, you can determine the beginning and end of a fight by choosing from various scenarios offered by the system. The fighting is also interesting and allows the use of fists, punches, and weapons to attack the enemy. Last but not least, the weather also varies significantly inside the game and lets you experience sunny days, thunder and lightning conditions, heavy rain, cold nights, and misty mornings. These visual phenomena change on a daily basis and contribute to aesthetic appeal.

Below-mentioned are some of the popular features offered by the GTA Liberty City Stories APK.

  • Updated textures and character art
  • Improved resolution and graphic user interface
  • Wide landscape and increased draw distance
  • Physical controller support
  • A diverse range of weapons and vehicles
  • Grasping plot and dynamic gameplay
  • Real-time lighting and shadows
  • Cross-platform support via Rockstar Social Club
  • Ability to use the joystick
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The following attributes make the GTA Liberty City Stories APK different from its predecessors;

  • Improved graphics and effects
  • Wide landscape and map
  • Unlimited access to vehicles
  • Bugs fixes
  • Diverse in-game weather conditions
  • Dual interface

Following are installation requirements for this version of GTA Liberty City Stories APK;

  • The latest version of APK should be installed on the device
  • The android version of the device must be compatible with GTA Liberty City Stories APK.
  • obb is required to unpack the archive APK folder
  • A stable internet connection to initiate the download
  • Enough device storage to install the game.
free Download pemium Game

You can easily download the GTA Liberty City Stories from Google PlayStore or AppStore on mobile phones. However, the non-APK version requires an installation fee that must be paid before you can access the game. Since most of the players find it difficult and unaffordable to pay for the game, various APK versions of the game are also available.

You can download the latest version of GTA Liberty Stories APK by clicking the download button included below. Furthermore, we have included the detailed step-by-step procedure of downloading as well as unpacking the archive APK file. We often hear reports stating that players find it difficult to use the APK files due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. So, if you are one of those, feel free to follow the steps below for the best results.

Step 1: Download the Game on Your Android Device

The first step involves downloading the game on your android smartphone by clicking the download button. You can also initiate the download on the desktop computer; however, you will have to move the downloaded file to the android device, later on, to proceed with the next time. Once you click the download button, a pop-up tab will appear inquiring about the directory of the newly-downloaded file. You can select the folder you want. The default location of the downloaded file is the “download” folder.

Step 2: Enable the Third-Party Apps

After downloading the APK file, you need to enable the third-party application on your phone. These belong to unknown sources and can help you download files from sources other than Google Play Store. To enable the third-party apps, enter the main menu and select the settings. Scroll down to the security option and locate the unknown sources.

Click on the unknown sources and enable it. A pop-up tab will appear asking for permission to give access to unknown sources and third-party apps for downloading. Select yes, and you are good to go. The procedure for downloading the file might differ in the Android 8.0 Oreo version, as you will have to allow the file manager to download the latest APK version of the GTA Liberty City Stories.

Step 3: Locate the Downloaded File and Install It

After all the above-mentioned tasks have been completed, it is time to unpack the APK file and install it. You can find the file in the directory which you selected while downloading it. If not, the default location is the “downloads” folder. After finding the file, open it and click install. This will begin the normal installation process. You might witness a few on-screen prompts during the process. Read them carefully and click the suitable option afterward. After the installation is complete, you can open the game and play it as much as you want.

for android/ios

Yes, APK files are completely safe for download and installation. They do not pose any risk of malware or virus and are similar to .exe windows PC files. However, we recommend downloading them from trusted sites for enhanced data protection and security. Downloading anything from untrusted sources comes with the risk of data hacking and other cybercrimes. Thus, you should be extremely careful in this regard. Here we offer a completely safe and secure platform for downloading APK versions of various GTA games.

There are around 70 missions in the GTA Liberty City Stories APK that must be completed by the protagonist to win the game and achieve thorough control over the region. The missions differ according to their difficulty level and are shorter than that of other related games. Although the decisions the main character makes during the game are not extremely important such as whether to purchase a weapon or drive a certain type of car.

However, they determine the success and failure of the mission and shall be considered carefully before proceeding to the next level. Additionally, the tasks are already fixed by the developer and can not be modified or customized according to individual requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed, GTA Liberty City Stories is one of the best installments of Grand Theft Auto developed by the Rockstar Games. The game is incorporated with a wide landscape, better screen resolution, touch controls, unlimited access to weapons and vehicles. Along with this, the carefully intertwined plot rapidly grabs the player’s attention and is a major reason for its high popularity.

No, although GTA Liberty City Stories is based on the version of GTA 3 and also contains some of the prominent features of its predecessor, they are not similar. The major difference between both is the time pan in which the story is set. The GTA Liberty City Stories is set in the year 1998, which is three years prior to the timespan of GTA 3. However, the majority of the people often confuse both games due to their increased similarity.

Initially, the GTA Liberty City Stories was developed for Android devices and later on expanded its access across the iOS version as well. Now, the game can also be downloaded and played on desktop computers and Macbook without any inconvenience. You can download the Bluestacks with the latest version of the game to translate the instructions into the English language for a better understanding of the tasks.

2022 latest ios version

GTA Liberty City is an action-packed game that offers unlimited access to weapons and vehicles along with improved graphics; a wide landscape, real-time effects, a physical controller, and cross-platform support. Centered around the struggles and difficulties faced in the mafia; the story takes you through a wider perspective of fights between gangs in order to gain control over the underworld.

Apart from this, users will also get to witness the journey of the leading character from a run-away murder suspect to the most influential leader in the mafia. We highly recommend trying this out to experience dynamic gameplay, exciting fights, and unlimited access to all the reserved resources inside the game.

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