Guitar Flash Mod APK v1.85 (All Unlocked) 2022 Unlimited Coins/Songs

Guitar Flash Mod APK latest version (all unlocked) of 2022. This guitar simulator provides all premium features unlocked free of cost.

Guitar Flash Mod APK is a guitar simulator app which can be used to play various amazing tunes of popular and your favorite songs. If you love to play musical instruments like guitar, than this app will give you the opportunity to play the guitar in a virtual way by using your android devices. You can play unique and amazing notes of songs which you love to play by using the guitar. You have to follow the notes to play the tunes of different songs. The app contains various features that will blow your mind and you will be addicted to this game as you can play it both on android as well as for PC.

Guitar Flash Hack APK

Guitar Flash Mod APK will also help you if you are a newbie as you can play from the easy levels and go to expert level by improving your skills of playing guitar. The game has three different modes easy, Medium, and Hard; you can easily select the mode and play the guitar according to your skills. The original version of the game will ask you to pay a healthy amount for unlocking its premium features but we provide you all the premium features unlocked without asking you to pay even a penny. Download the mod version of guitar flash hack apk from our website and enjoy all its premium features free of cost.

Guitar Flash MOD APK Gameplay

Like Aiport city MOD APK, the gameplay of guitar flash is simple but also difficult for the beginners as it require technical skills of playing guitar. You have to tap on your mobile screen for playing various notes of different music. The player has to play the tunes that exactly match the music of the song. The more perfectly you play the guitar the more rewards you will get and your skills of playing guitar will also increase.

Features of Guitar Flash Mod APK 2022

Guitar Flash has extraordinary and distinctive features that are listed below:

Unique and Amazing Graphics

The graphics of guitar flash APK mod were designed so well that I will give the feelings of playing the guitar as we play in actual and real environment. There are  images added in the background that gives the look of a real concert has been held in the game. In short, the game has best graphics compared to other music games.

Unlock All Song

You can unlock full songs without paying even a penny just download game’s mod version of guitar flash from our website and unlock all your favorite songs totally free of cost. You can also use custom songs download for improving your skills.

Easy Mode

The game has different levels that even a newbie can easily learn and play the tunes of different songs by using this app. The easy mode is for the beginners that have slower speed so that the newbie can easily catch up on the icons and easily play different tunes on it.

Medium Mode

This level will be quite difficult for the players as compared to the easy mode as you will find difficulty in playing the notes. You have to enhance your skills for playing tunes on medium level.

Difficult Mode

At this level you must be expert on playing the notes on the guitar. Only a professional player can play the notes on this difficult level. Enhance your skills to become an expert of playing the notes on guitar and become a guitar hero to overcome this mode.

Animated Background

You can also set an animated background in the app to get the better feelings of playing the guitar. The players also have to manage the notes that how they can play tunes as a professional by using the virtual guitar simulator on your android device.

Earn Unlimited Coins In Guitar Flash Hack APK

You can earn unlimited coins by playing the best tunes and achieving various goals in the game. By completing each level you will get coins as a reward of completing that level. You will get unlimited coins by downloading the modified version of guitar flash from MODAPKAndroid.

Create Music

Players can also invent new tunes by playing and experiencing new notes on the guitar flash and become a rock star of the virtual world of guitar players. You have to select a song to play the tunes of that song. The song you select will be playing without the guitar music; you have to play the tunes of that music by using notes on guitar flash that should be matched with that song.

Play Guitar Flash Offline

You can also play the guitar flash online as well as offline without connecting your device to the internet. This feature would be best for those who didn’t have internet connection all the time.


You can increase your skills by playing the tunes that exactly match the notes of that music. If you will be able to get the highest scores your name will be displayed on the top of the leaderboard and the world will recognize you by your amazing guitar skills.

Intuitive and easy controls

The game has simple but also difficult controls that require technical skills of playing guitar. You have to tap on your mobile screen for playing the notes.

Unlimited Money

Run the mode version of guitar flash and get unlimited money free of cost that you can use for various purposes in the game.

Cheat Codes

The guitar flash Cheat APK help you take unfair advantage of winning against the enemies without following the game’s rules.

What’s New in Guitar Flash MOD APK?

Guitar Flash’s latest version has fixed all the bugs found by the user’s reviews in previous versions. You can now play the updated version, and if you find any issues while playing the game, comment, and we will fix them in our next update.

Free to download

Guitar flash mod apk download free from our website and enjoy premium features free of cost.

No root is required.

The mod version of the guitar flash game doesn’t ask you to root your devices.

Download Guitar Flash MOD APK now

  1. Download Guitar Flash Mod Apk file from our website, the link given below
  2. Give permission of downloading from unknown resources in the setting.
  3. When the downloading is finished. Click on the install button.
  4. Follow the instructions for installing the game on your device.
  5. After complete installation; you can play the game anytime you want.

Guitar Flash MOD APK Version History

Latest Version 1.81

Previous Version 1.75

Old Version 1.69

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q 1: How to get a lot of points on guitar flash?

Ans: The only one thing that will help you to get the highest points on guitar flash is that you have to practice and enhance your skills and play the guitar as amazing as you can so that you will get highest points.

Q 2: How to pick which song to play in multiplayer mode of guitar flash?

Ans: You have to login by using your Facebook to play in the multiplayers mode of guitar flash.

Q 3: How to make guitar flash custom song?

Ans:  For that purpose you have to create your own notes to play your custom tunes by using the guitar flash.

Q 4: Is it safe to download guitar flash mod apk?

Ans: Yes, it is 100% safe to download and play the mod version of guitar flash on your devices.

Guitar Flash MOD APK Conclusion

If you love to play musical instruments like guitar than this app will give you the opportunity to play the guitar by using your android devices. You can play unique and amazing notes of songs which you love to play by using the guitar. So, download and play this app to become expert of playing guitar.

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