Mini Militia Mod APK 5.3.7 (2022) Unlimited Ammo, Nitro, Money, Health

Free Download Pro Pack Mini Militia Mod APK (Unlimited Ammo and nitro) latest version with money, health, cash, guns, fly, and wall hack.

Mini Militia mod APK is a spectacular shooter game that features tens of different guns (all unlocked in our modded APK) in a simplified 2D world. Our Mini Militia hack APK lets you begin your playing experience with unlimited money and ammo so that you do not have to worry about running out of bullets.

Moreover, with every gun unlocked in the game, you can choose any gun of your liking and enjoy the exciting gameplay modes right when you first launch it. The graphics might seem simple but with the one-of-a-kind art based gameplay, you will absolutely fall in love with the game.

Download Mini Militia MOD APK
NameMini Militia MOD APK
Updated 3 Day ago
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest version 5.3.7
Size43 MB
MODUnlimited Ammo/Nitro
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Money
  • Pro Pack
  • No Ads

Mini Militia Mod APK is based on the stickman shooter Doodle Army, which took the world of games by storm when it was released. The game is specifically designed and produced according to the player’s demands. It provides its users with a wide battlefield to play in and fight an army of fighters with an army of your own.

Even if this is the first time you’re playing a shooter game, you will get familiarized with the controls pretty easily. The game features an easy-to-play environment with customizable controls to let you have complete freedom over your gameplay.

Whether you’re into the single-player mode or online multiplayer challenge modes, you will have the freedom to do whatever you love with Mini Militia Pro Pack –free. The game lets you choose a unique avatar to show and flex to the online community, which thanks to the modded version, will all be unlocked. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK is another multiplayer action game you can enjoy with your friends together in battle modes.

Although you get a wide battlefield and an army to fight with, there’s still plenty that the game offers. Here’s an insight into all of the features that the game carries for you.

Unlimited Money And Cash – Only In Our Hacked APK

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Money

Shooter games are only fun when you have enough money to buy guns and ammo with. Our hack version features unlimited money and cash readily available to you. This lets you buy all in-game upgrades and weapons that you can find in the game. Let your friends see your versatile collection of guns!

Mini Militia Mod APK Unlimited Ammo And Nitro

Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited Ammo

A shooting game is only enjoyable when you have unlimited ammo, which is what you will get by downloading our version of mini militia doodle army 2 mod APK. If you like to be on the top of the scoreboard, you will have to have plenty of bullets.

Luckily, you will never run out of ammo irrespective of whatever gun you choose to play with. This will let you fight till the very end until your opponents run out of bullets and you end up shooting them to take the win!

Now, coming to the unlimited nitro, Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Mod APK lets you fly across the battlefield to find opponents and kill them. However, the nitro usually runs out very quickly which limits your flight duration. But, lucky for you, our modded version lets you enjoy unlimited nitro.

Fly across the entire battlefield to find opponents, or fly away when your opponent attacks you when you’re not ready –thus allowing you to escape quickly when you’re undefended.

Head over, and find mini militia unlimited ammo and nitro download on the page to begin your battle journey.

Multiple Maps – All Available In Our Mod Game

Multiple Maps To Play
Multiple Maps To Play

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Mod APK comes packed with multiple maps to let you play tirelessly across different maps –without getting bored. The modded APK lets you choose any map of your liking since they all come pre-unlocked right from the beginning when you install the game.

Get Unlimited Health With Mini Militia – Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Health

How crazy would it be to have God mode active and leave your opponents with their chins down when they’re unable to kill you. Well, lucky for you, we have made that possible. Mini Militia modded version has a God mode that you can activate right when you first launch the game.

With God mode, you will have unlimited health and be un-killable. The bullets from your opponent’s guns will not give you any damage whatsoever. This can be seen on the top-left of your gaming interface.

When you have God mode activated, you will always end up being on the top of the scoreboard whether you’re playing an online multiplayer mode or playing via a hotspot connection.

Mini Militia Hack APK

Mini Militia Mod Menu

Mod Menu
Mod Menu

Mini Militia hack version comes with a Mod Menu that players absolutely love. With the mod menu, you can access all of the in-game cheats such as wall hack and other game hacks taking wins against your opponent; without them even knowing.

With this, you can automate your game and be the top player on the battlefield by using the cheats available in the mod menu.

Enjoy An Ad-Free Experience With Mini Militia Hack APK 2022


Ads are undoubtedly annoying specifically when you have just entered the battlefield of warriors and are in the middle of a gunfight with your opponents.

Here at our website, we value your fun time, which is why we have made sure that you’re not bothered by ads, with our ad-free Mini Militia mod APK.

Our modded version offers you with all of the gameplay modes unlocked,

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch
Team Deathmatch

Mini Militia APK mod features a team deathmatch mode that lets you enjoy team gameplay and single player gameplay as well. With the modded version, you will have access to all of the guns (pre-unlocked) to help you stand out in the battlefield.

You will have to gain points by confirming kills and being the top number one on the scoreboard for you to win the round.

Training Mode

Training Mode
Training Mode

Are you new to the world of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia mod? Don’t worry, you’re in luck. The game features a training mode that lets you roam around the maps freely and practice the world of Doodle Army 2. Lucky for you, our modded version has unlimited ammo to let you practice all day long.

Mini Militia Pro Pack

Survival Modes

Survival Mode
Survival Mode

Survival modes in Mini Militia features solo and competitive match modes –all with one aim of taking down the opponents, and enemies that the game sends your way.

Play With Your Friends – Flex Unlimited Ammo and All Guns Unlocked

Invite friends & family
Invite friends & family

Battlefield shooter based games usually require an internet connection to play with your friends. This might be a good idea if the internet is readily available, but with Mini Militia hack APK, you don’t have to worry about that.

Mini Militia mod APK offers you with the flexibility of playing with your friends without the need for an internet connection. Just turn on the internet hotspot on your phone and let your friends connect to it.

After setting up the connection, head over to the game and take on the battle with your friends. The game lets you play against 6 other players on the battlefield.

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Mod APK’s installation is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below to install our mod version on android.

  • Click the link given below to start the download.
  • Then go to the security settings of your device and enable the option of unknown sources. 
unknown sources enable
unknown sources enable
  • Next, click the install button to install your game further 
click on install button
Click on Install Button

Can’t get enough of Mini Militia Mod APK on your phone? Don’t worry, you can enjoy the game to the fullest by installing Mini Militia Mod on PC.

Download an Android emulator such as the Blustacks Android Emulator or any other alternative and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First – Getting Bluestacks Emulator: Download the Bluestacks emulator from the link above.
  • Second – Setting Up Bluestacks: When the download completes, install the Bluestacks emulator and let it set up.
  • Third– Getting Mini Militia Mod APK: Click on the download button for Mini Militia mod APK 2022 and download the package.
  • Fourth – Installation: After downloading, install the game in the emulator.
  • FIfth and Last– Launching the game: Head back to the home screen of the emulator and launch the game, ta-da! That is all you need to do to play Mini Militia’s latest version.

The whole process would take approximately 5 minutes and you will be able to play Mini Militia Mod on PC or Notebook.

Mini Militia Mod APK serves the purpose of letting you enjoy the game to the fullest by providing you with unlimited ammo, nitro, health, money, and more importantly mod menu.

This lets you play and compete against the opposing teams with all guns unlocked and unlimited amounts of money –thus allowing you to always be the leader of the battlefield. Additionally, our mod APK does not require root access.

There are tens of different websites that provide downloads for Mini Militia Mod APK, but unfortunately, they might contain viruses. We understand it may harm your device, which is why we have found a clean and risk-free modded version of Mini Militia for you.

Keep in mind, if you have an antivirus software on your phone, it may detect malware when you’re downloading the files. But, you need to ignore it since those files aren’t malware and they’re the files that carry all of the unlimited features including unlimited ammo, health, nitro, money, and much more!

Yes! Just head over to the download button on our website and you will have access to the pro pack unlocked version of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia within minutes. You do not have to pay any money for the unlocked features, so, yes! It is absolutely free for you.

Yes! Mini Militia Mod APK can be played on PCs and notebooks. All it takes is an android emulator which is readily available on the internet. Just make sure you download them from the official sites and you’ll be good to go.

Some android emulators that make playing Mini Militia Mod possible on PC include:

  • Bluestacks Android Emulator
  • Nox Emulator

It is one of the company’s most daring games. To play it on a computer, you’ll need to use, one of the top pc player platforms for running Android apps.

The short answer to this question is, yes! Mini militia is one of those games that do not require an active internet connection. If you’re only interested in playing the single player team deathmatch, you can play it without any hassles.

Additionally, if you’re interested in playing against your friends in the same house, you just need to turn on a mobile hotspot just to get the players on the same network. This will enable you to play against your friends without the need for an active connection.

Personal Experience (Review)

Personal Experience (Review)
Personal Experience (Review)

This game has become my ultimate favorite in free times. I just play it whenever I feels bored and bring my friends to deathmatch rounds or play against other opponents. My favorite round in the game is flag capture as it provides amazing and incredible experience. Unlike other game, there aren’t too much ads also. The incredible incredible with high quality graphics makes this game the most played game in India.

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia mod version APK is a fun shooter game that lets you enjoy flying across the battlefield fighting off numerous opponents. There are plenty of different guns available in-game that come unlocked with our modded APK.

In addition, you also get to have unlimited amounts of money, ammo, nitro, and health with the mod version. This enables you to compete against friends and other people from the internet without having to worry about ammo, health, or nitro –making sure you’re always the winner of the battleground.

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