Modern Strike Online Mod APK v1.52.1 2022 Unlimited Money, Gold, Ammo

Download modern strike online Mod APK 2022 latest version containing unlimited gold/money, ammo, health, no recoil, and no damage.

If you don’t want to spend weeks or months finding the important resources like ammo and gold in the modern Strike Online to watch yourself become the pro player of the game, you have come to the right place. In order to acquire unlimited money, gold, ammo, and health you can download modern strike online mod APK and find yourself clearing difficult tasks of the game. Moreover, find your gameplay undistracted with No Ads feature to get engaged for many hours on end. Visit MODAPKAndroid for more modded games like this.

Modern strike online MOD APK is an epic multiplayer game with eye-catchy visuals and jaw-dropping effects to create an amusing environment for users. Here, you will find yourself connected to many aspects of the game like weapons, modes, and graphics. To get more information about the game, scroll down.

NameModern Strike Online MOD APK
Updated 3 Day ago
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Latest version 1.52.1
SizeVaries with device
MODUnlimited Money
DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • No recoil
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited ammo

Modern Strike Hack

Do you feel intrigued playing epic shooting games? Want to experience some engaging action environment with massive war fights? To indulge you in some cozy gameplay, azure interactive games released modern strike online Mod APK in 2017 and soon got the landmark of 50M+ downloads. Thanks to low game requirements, it could work on any low-end device.

Like Brawlhalla mod APK, the story of this game is quite fascinating. This game brings back the old vibes of Counter Strike 1.6. Similarly, here you will have a chance to choose from terrorists or police and start your journey. The game features amazing FPS action with multiplayer modes to dive into some stunning shooting experience. Here, your main objective is to stop the enemy from completing their tasks. In addition to that, modern strike online MOD APK 2022 lets you indulge in fiery war battles, grenade fights, ultimate shooting wars, and many more aspects.

Find yourself connected to this addictive sharp shooting game with mesmerizing Mod features of modern strike online hack APK.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • No recoil
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited ammo
  • No damage
  • Unlimited grenades
  • Invisible
  • Night vision
  • Auto win
  • East to kill
  • Free to download
  • Secure file
  • Regular updates
  • No need to root the device
  • Latest version
  • No Ads and Bugs

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Gold

In modern strike online APK, gold is the basic currency. In order to achieve gold, there are multiple things you can do. One is to complete the daily or your mission tasks. Along with that, you can watch ads which appear on the right side of the screen. Also, the game gives you daily login rewards including an excessive amount of gold. The best way to spend gold is buying weapons, grenades, and important accessories like helmets and aid-kits. However, sometimes the gold gets finished in the original game. Download modern strike Online Mod APK and get unlimited Gold feely.

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited Ammo

If your ammo gets finished during the intense fights, then we have solution for you. Modded APK enables the unlimited ammo feature which means you shoot as much as you want and kill enemies.

No Recoil

No Recoil
No Recoil

along with other mod features, this hack version provides you no recoil option which lets you dive into some amazing sniper shooting experience with best long shots.

Seven Combat Modes

Combat Modes
Combat Modes
  • Team Battle: This is the respawn-able mode. This mode is perfect for those who love playing with friends. Here, you and your friends can form a team to combat the computer bots. In addition, you can also compete against one another. The main objective is to kill the opponents. The player who kills the most enemies wins.
  • Deathmatch: Each soldier is scattered across the map at different locations. The goal is to hunt down the enemies and shoot them down. In the end, only the last survivor will be able to win
  • Team Bomb Battle: Among all modes, this one is the most intriguing and entertaining. Here you will find Terrorists planting bombs at certain locations, and you have to defuse them before time runs out
  • Duel: In this mode, players will face off against one another. The enormous map will be all yours and your friend’s to explore. Modern strike online Mod APK can end the argument among your friends about who is the best.
  • Special Operation: A team of two players goes head-to-head against another team. Here, you only have one life, unlike team battle mode. A team that is killed first loses.
  • Hardcore: The hardcore mode is perfect for those who enjoy challenging tasks. Damage is reduced by 2x ration in this mode, so you can’t make any mistakes. All it takes is one good shot to kill you
  • Custom Mode: This mode is different from all the others because it does not follow any rules. Create your own game here and invite friends to play with you. In addition to shooting games, you can also create fist fight rooms to double the fun.

Modern strike online Mod APK will enchant action gamers with its fresh gameplay and captivating graphics. The game includes an intriguing story in single-player mode and a variety of modes in multiplayer mode. You’ll be addicted to 7 different types of battle modes here. Additionally, you can join a clan or create your own from scratch. Further, you can add your friends through your social apps by inviting them.

Aside from this, modern strike online Mod APK includes 14 enormous rounds with a variety of elements. Utilizing your brilliantly created tactics for each round can give you the best results.

Also, the maps contain mysterious hiding places where your enemies can be tracked until death. Besides that, there are many different weapons to choose from. This includes 70 different mighty snipers, fast reloading rifles, one-shot pistols, and massive shotguns.

Depending on your taste or map, you can choose the best guns. The gas shells and bombarding grenades can als be equipped to kill the enemies. Moreover, modern strike hacked APK includes many weapons that can be customized. You can unlock the premium weapons skins here and customize the guns with them for the best look. The game also allows you to unlock the full power and ability of your weapons by upgrading them to high profile.

Modern strike online Mod offers 3D stunning graphics and high frame rates. Detailed character and hand movement designs ensure the best user experience. High quality shooting effects and realistic visual environments, including weather, rain, and storm, will keep you thrilled for hours.

To Download Modern Strike Online, follow the instructions provided below:

  • Click the link given below to start the download.
  • Then go to the security settings of your device and enable the option of unknown sources. 
unknown sources enable
unknown sources enable
  • Next, click the install button to install your game further 
click on install button
Click on Install Button

How Do You Add Friends on Modern Strike Online?

You can add your friends in deathmatch mode by clicking on the three-bar icon, selecting social, and clicking Find Friends. You can now add your friend by entering his ID.

How to Hack Modern Strike Online?

The hack version of modern strike online can be played by simply clicking the download button. The modified version includes hack features such as invisibility, no damage, and wall hack.

Can You Play Modern Strike on IOS devices?

Yes, the APK version of modern strike online can also be played on iOS devices. Download the game from the APP store and you’ll be sucked into it for hours.

Is it Safe?

The app is tested by various antivirus tools and our team manually. This modded version is absolutely 100% safe and sound. Click on the download button without any hesitation.

Personal Experience (Review)

Personal Experience (Review)
Personal Experience (Review)

No doubt it is an amazing shooting game with high quality graphics. The gameplay of the game is great as it should be for a shooting game. But the game has too much bugs and server issues which are annoying sometimes. Thanks to MOD version, as it has less ads and bugs, you can play this smoothly.

Modern strike online Mod APK may be the perfect choice if you are looking to get into some action-packed shooting. Its addictive modes, exciting gameplay, and above all, its eye-catching graphics make this game the perfect package for android fans.

Your presence here was a pleasure for me. We encourage you to keep checking our website for your favorite modded games. Feel free to contact us with any questions. I will be glad to assist you.

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