Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK 2022 Unlimited Gems, Free VIP Points

Get unlimited resources like money, gems, free VIP points and unlock all characters by downloading Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK 2022.

Do you love playing Rise of kingdoms APK but are stuck due to low resources and money? If you are looking for a hack version of this game, then you luckily have come to the right place. At MODAPKAndroid, you can download the Rise of kingdoms Mod APK, an enhanced version of the original game containing unlimited wood, food, gems, money, and so on. Also, the game unlocks all commanders to make a most powerful empire with the best warriors and guardians. Install the game now and experience the immense pleasure of this mod game.

Rise of kingdoms pro APK is an amazing multiplayer game with thought-provoking gameplay and colorful graphics. Here, you will defend the kingdom of 12 civilizations and lead them to prosperity. The game requires mind alertness and quick responses as you receive constant threats and attacks from other kingdoms. If you are interested to learn more about the game, then follow up the article.

NameRise of Kingdoms MOD APK
Updated 1 Day ago
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Latest version
Size935 MB
MODUnlimited Gems
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free cheats
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Wood

Introduction to Rise of kingdoms Mod APK

In recent years, strategy games have become increasingly popular because they offer immersive environments, dynamic content, and unpredictable outcomes. It is extremely hard to survive in this genre of games because every quest requires skillful thinking and tactics. In the same vein, Rise of Kingdoms lost crusade mod APK is a famous strategy game for their tactical gameplay. A production of Lilith games released in 2018 for android and later on for PC has convinced the 50M+ downloads.

Like state of survival Mod APK, here, android players will have access to stimulating gameplay and wonderful in-game graphics. In the rise of kingdoms, your neighboring cities have an eye on your throne and are ready to attack your empire. The main objective of the game is to strengthen the forces of the kingdom and automate the army to fight off enemies. Here, you will take up the role of governor and make alliances to expand the empire to the farthest end. Play this fruitful game now and bring light to hidden features of the game.

Rising Mod Features (Unlimited All)

And to become the strongest and largest empire world has ever seen, here are the rising Mod features of rise of kingdom hack APK 2022.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free cheats
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Wood
  • Free VIP points
  • Unlock all characters
  • Premium upgrades
  • Free to play
  • Easy to download and install
  • No root required
  • Latest version
  • No Ads and Bugs.

Unlimited Gems

Among the resources, gems are the most important and difficult to get. Using them, you can purchase valuable shop products from merchants and VIP shops. Also, they can be traded for VIP points to speed up training, building and research. There are multiple ways to get gems including the completion of quests, events, and defeating barbarians. Moreover, they can be found on map locations and important game sights. However, you will have unlimited gems with our Mod APK.

Unlimited Food and Wood

Food and wood are two other important resources in the game. Food is found on the map and used to train infantry units, soldiers, and warriors. Along with that, it is also used to feed the army and upgrade their performance level. Like food, wood is also found on the map. However, it is used for training the archer kit, slinger and upgrading the archer tiers. In the game, there is limited food and wood availability therefore, you can get them in excess with Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK.

Free VIP Points

Another important resource in the game is VIP points. This is used to grant governors with powerful buffs. Also, it can reduce the prices of some items. You can only get 200 VIP points in a day by opening chests but can get unlimited VIP points by downloading Rise of Kingdoms APK MOD.

Unlock All characters

In order to build a secure army, you require true commanders that can die on the battlefield for their city’s safety. Here, you can choose from a large variety of fearsome and skillful commanders to defend the walls of the kingdom, but the most powerful warriors can only be bought through real-world money. With modded APK, you can unlock all the characters freely from the beginning to shake other kingdoms.


Rise of kingdom Mod APK offers a bracing experience for fans of strategic strategy games. The game introduces a tutorial in the beginning of the game because some players find it difficult to comprehend the screen layout. The player starts with a small village and builds a new civilization from there. The task here is to build new buildings and to upgrade the old ones in the town.

In addition, users can collect food, gems, and wood from the map and accelerate the growth process by using them. Also, you are able to loot the important resources from other civilizations.

With the growth of your kingdom, you’ll also face attacks from other kingdoms. Here, the battles are strategic and happen in real-time. In this game, all online players interact on one extremely large map. As a result, anyone can join the battle and leave at any time. Moreover, the game lets you zoom in on other empires to examine their strategies in depth.

Imperial strength is not determined by the most powerful forces but by the most cohesive relationship with surrounding states. Hence, Rise of Kingdoms Mod has an alliance system. It will allow you to make alliances and chat with other players. The alliances would work together to defend the city and unlock achievements.

Besides these, there are many warriors and survivors that you can select as members of your team. You will find legendary figures such as Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, and Joan of Arc here.

You can also improve the performance and tactics of your commanders to make your army stronger. Your brave army and best strategies will help you to conquer kingdoms.

Graphics and Sound

Despite the low requirements, Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK provides captivating graphics and an inspiring environment. The buildings and empires are designed in-depth with best battle effects. Find yourself sucked into the game with modern visuals and relaxing sound.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Rise of kingdoms APK does not have an official PC version, but you can still play this engaging game by installing emulators like BlueStacks, LDPlayer, and MUMU. These emulators enable the PC to run any android game.

The Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK features 12 kingdoms to choose from, including China, Germany, Britain, and the Ottoman Empire. To change the kingdom, click on the world icon on the right side of the screen. Here you will find a list of all kingdoms. Choose your preferred kingdom and tap the teleport button. Your kingdom has now been selected.

Alliance credits are used to spend on construction, flags, and fortresses. The best ways to earn through alliance credits are events, donations, opening alliance chests, and getting daily rewards.

  1. Click on download button
  2. Allow the mobile to install from external sources
  3. Open APK file then click on install
  4. Let it install completely in your android device
  5. Open the game and enjoy unlimited premium features.

The app is tested by various antivirus tools and our team manually. This modded version is absolutely 100% safe and sound. Click on the download button without any hesitation.

To conclude, if you are a die-hard strategic game lover, then playing Rise of Kingdoms should be your first priority. The game has extremely compelling gameplay and an amusing environment to appeal the users. In short, this game is a full package.

It was overwhelming seeing you here. Keep visiting MODAPKAndroid to get the best APK games. If you have any query, ask us. We will be happy to assist you.

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