Download Swordigo Mod APK v1.4.4 2022 Unlimited Money/Health/Lives

Download the latest version of Swordigo Mod APK (android) and get unlimited money, health, soul shards, diamonds, and all levels unlocked

Swordigo MOD APK is a game that directly transports its users as a hero to a thrilling and adventurous world. Here is a hero; you will start your journey and have to defeat each and every enemy that comes in your way. Different challenges will come in your way, and you have to clear them and defeat everyone to reach the final enemy. Defeat him, and from that time, you will be at the top of the throne. This game brings the whole package of action and has unique gameplay. Here we will focus our discussion on Swordigo mod apk that is the modified version of this game.

In this adventure game, the players will step into the world of heroes. The name of this game tells the whole story means that here the users will be put to the test by various challenges and obstacles. So download this mod apk of Swordigo from our website right now and enter a world full of adventure and action.

NameSwordigo MOD APK
Updated 1 Day ago
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Latest version 1.4.4
Size53 MB
MODUnlocked All
DeveloperTouch Foo
Google Play LinkGoogle Play
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Lives

There are many adventure games, some of which resemble Mario games. However, there are many others that are a combination of different unique genres. So if you love these kinds of games and are a big fan, then you are in the right place.

This game has more than 10 million downloads on the play store only and was developed by Touch Foo. Swordigo Mod APK is more than just an adventure game where you get to explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and can even use magic. The Swordigo hack apk brings a new twist and up-to-date graphics.

Moreover, by entering this game, the player will become a teenage boy who holds the fate of humanity. You will accompany the boy, according to the story, to too many new lands and perform different assigned tasks. However, this is the first time the boy has been outside the village; you will be performing the mission of salvation of humanity from demon hands. From crowded towns to cold dungeons, the players and characters will explore many new places together.

Swordigo Mod APK falls in the adventure game category where the player can explore dungeons, use magic and find much more interesting things. Let’s see the features that distinguish Swordigo from other adventure games.

Design of Characters

Character Design
Character Design

The first unique feature that makes this game famous like Mini World Mod APK is the design of its characters. Here the characters’ designs are romantic, and their looks resemble that of the swordsman. In addition, the sword in the hand of the character always glows with the fire that never runs out.

Baffling Puzzles

Difficult puzzles
Difficult puzzles

Swordigo Mod APK also incorporates on a regular basis hidden questions containing game content to challenge you rather than just killing and quests. If you successfully answer those sentences correctly, then it will unlock new plots.

Unique Locations

Unique Locations
Unique Locations

There’s no limit to the places you can go in this game. This game comes with a large map, and it takes hours of time to explore. The players can discover towns, dungeons, caves, and many unique places that they have never seen. Each of the new locations comes with its own unique obstacles and difficult challenges. The player must do everything in order to proceed and to defeat every enemy.

Best Sound & Graphics

High Quality Graphics
High Quality Graphics

Swordigo MOD APK comes with the classic style of graphics with epic 3D images. Moreover, the sound quality is so perfect that it makes the player think of the movie footage of the hero. However, if you want to play this game without sound, then you can just turn it off from the settings.

Upgrade Your Characters

Player Upgrade
Player Upgrade

The users of Swordigo Mod APK will face many quests, and the difficulty level will increase throughout the process of exploring. Players can overcome any of the difficult situations if they can use their minds in a technical way rather than just thinking normally. You can upgrade your characters by purchasing from the store in these tough situations, as this mod version comes with an infinite money supply.

  • Infinite money
  • Unlocks all levels
  • No Advertisements
  • Unlimited health
  • Infinite soul sherds
  • Free shopping

If you do not know how to download this game’s unlimited money and health mod apk from our website, you just have to follow the below-listed steps. Moreover, you can download Swordigo apk both for Android and PC free of cost.

  • Click the link given below to start the download.
  • Then go to the security settings of your device and enable the option of unknown sources.¬†
unknown sources enable
unknown sources enable
  • Next, click the install button to install your game further¬†
click on install button
Click on Install Button

Below you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding this amazing adventure game.

How do you complete Swordigo?

In order to complete this game 100%, the player must defeat the master of Chaos, collect every treasure and discover every location.

Where are the trinkets in Swordigo?

The players can find the Trinkets in the city of Florennum that is situated in the eastern guard tower. Find the secret short path, avoid other pillars, and encounter the huge one you can not pass.

What is the maximum level that you can reach in Swordigo APK?

By not collecting chests, the players can reach a maximum of 25 levels. However, by collecting XP, they can reach the 30th level, but it has no benefit for users.

Which is the best sword in Swordigo Hack APK?

The Magic sword is the best sword and the second most powerful weapon in this game. The players can get this sword after defeating the skeleton lord.

Is it safe to download the Swordigo Mod APK?

Yes, the modded version provided in our website is 100% free and safe from viruses. We make sure to provide the safest APK files by checking them with multiple anti-viruses software.

User Reviews

Personal Experience (Review)
Personal Experience (Review)
  • Greatest performer mobile game available on play store. This is the best game I ever played. My intrest goes on increasing as it proceeds to the next levels. Great great effort by the team, I really appreciate. There are different challenges in every level, new objects to interact with, powers ups, mega sword you have to collect, and much more. Every boss has its weaknesses. You just need to think how to defeat him. For Gamers, If you didn’t play this game, you played nothing…!!!
  • This game is epic. The levels are fun that goes on becoming difficult as you proceed. Many a times, out of frustration of failing, I had decided to uninstall the game after completing 85% but finally, I completed it. There was one thing which disappointed me that the game ended without graphically showing what happened next. I was eagerly waiting for it.
  • This game is one of the few good games on Google play. the ads only roll in between screens or when you die which is better than stopping you dead in your tracks to give you some terrible ad. And lastly the game doesn’t just go on getting slightly more difficult so it doesn’t feel like the game is just extended for the sole purpose of getting more money out of ads.

Swordigo mod apk puts the player in a challenging situation in its adventurous environment. It will set the player on the journey where they have to become alone standing warriors by defeating each and every opponent. The game has unique and engaging gameplay and is available for free. The modified version of the Swordigo guarantees user satisfaction and becomes a better choice than the regular version of this game. So download this game right now and start your challenging adventure right now

Note: If you face any problem while downloading the modded file, please let us know. We will try to solve your problem.

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